Nordic Flute
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Att åka på Nordic Flute är som att komma till ett Hogwarts för flöjtister. Miljön är vacker, maten är jättegod, lektionerna är nyttiga och upplyftande och luften är full av flöjtmagi.



Tack för en fantastiskt inspirerande vecka! Min man sammanfattade läget direkt när jag kom hem efter nio tågtimmar: "Jahapp, du formligen strålar!". Och jag har verkligen fått en kick, både när det gäller min undervisning och mitt eget spel.



Det var absolut ett av de bästa höstlov jag haft någonsin!! Det var mycket lärorikt och alla på lägret var väldigt glada, positiva människor!! Jag skulle verkligen rekommendera denna kurs till alla flöjtspelare som vill ta sitt flöjtspel till en högre nivå. Jag skulle gärna vilja komma tillbaka!



Being part of the nordic flute course last year was an amazing experience! Living in a beautiful and peaceful place with excellent flutists from different countries, participating and learning a lot in great masterclasses with Goran, Gitte and Katherine, playing together in the flute choir with Kia and Per, and with Tim in the masterclass, listening to inspiring flute playing in recitals by Goran and Katherine, eating the best food ever and enjoying fika, playing flute by the fire place, learning to leave my shoes at the door everytime I went in the house, seeing a moose running by!... all these and many more things made this flute course unforgettable :) At first I was a little worried because I was the only one from the other side of the world, but everyone was so kind to me that they made me feel just as if I was at home. After everything I've learned and listened this week I know I have lots of things to get working on but I've also got the best motivation and inspiration to accomplish it. I would totally come back again!



Att sitta i Mästarklassen och lyssna till Göran och Tim är lärorikt och väldigt inspirerande. Gittes ”studiolektioner” är nyttiga för att lära sig de tekniska utmaningarna med flöjtspelet. Trevliga kursdeltagare och väldigt positiv och öppen atmosfär. Jag vill rekommendera alla flöjtister denna vecka.


I had the most wonderful week at Nordic Flute this year. It was super exciting to visit Sweden for the first time. The countryside surrounding Karlsro is enchantingly beautiful and it was a joy to spend all week in the cozy wooden house with it's log fire and amazing house parents, Inger and Sven. Everybody was so friendly.
I am quite sure that nobody on this planet can teach how to practise and breathe better than Gitte Marcusson. Listening and playing in masterclasses with Göran and Tim is a lot of fun and great performance experience. Göran's approach to music making is full of joy and imagination. The recital on Monday night given by Göran, Tim and Katherine got the week off to an exhilarating start. Thank you so much to everyone at Nordic Flute!"

Jag har haft en underbar vecka. Att få ägna sej helt åt sej själv och bara spela själv och tillsammans i olika ensembler, lyssna på masterklass, diskutera med kollegor och få hela fyra egna lektioner, det är lyx. Därtill kommer all den goda maten som vi får varje dag. Ni är beundransvärda som lägger ner så mycket jobb på den här kursen. Stort och varmt tack. Jag kommer igen nästa höst!
Inga Lill

Nordic Flute är en riktigt rolig vecka som fylls med flöjt, fantastisk god mat och super trevliga människor. En vecka som jag inte vill missa!



Nordic Flute is a wonderful course. A perfect time of year. Watching insightful master classes from Göran is an amazing experience. He has so much to say about music and makes it all seem so clear, simple and straightforward. Playing in the master classes is a lot of fun - there’s a lot to pick up on & bring in to your music making, from both Tim at the piano and Göran as an exceptional flautist and musician. Especially when one is by a cozy fire, in good company!! The food must be mentioned as it is simply exquisite!
Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as three servings of
  Fika every day keep everyone full of energy and life.   Lessons with Gitte are life changing. I can’t express it in words, you have to experience this for yourself. As a student flying in from London, this course was superb. I will definitely be coming again!


Genuinely one of the best weeks of my life. Month later and I'm still so inspired by my time on the course. What could be better than spending a week with some of the most incredible teachers and players, eating fika three times a day AND seeing a moose?! I honestly cannot wait to return next year!

I left the Nordic Flutes Course feeling more enthusiastic about the flute than ever before, which is some feat considering I am a complete flute geek anyway! I had one of the best weeks of my life, making brilliant friends and being totally inspired by the world-class staff. Aside from the brilliant music making, it was the other aspects of the course which made the week totally unique and unforgettable. From being served delicious fika 3 times a day (tasted incredible, but was not so good for my waistline!) to living in adorable little cabins in a forest, to seeing A WILD MOOSE, I had the time of my life and am now obsessed with all things Scandinavian.
(Oh, and my flute playing improved quite considerably too)


On arriving in (the truly beautiful) Sweden, in all honesty I didn’t entirely know what to expect..! However, I can wholeheartedly say that the days during which the Nordic Flute course took place were some of the most inspiring, informative and fun ones I’ve ever had!
​Gitte and Goran together are simply a powerhouse of wisdom and skill! Katherine Bryan, a goddess. Tim Carey, possibly the greatest accompanist in the world. No one could wish for a more incredible group of people to be at the helm. But what is equally incredible about all of them is the fact that they’re all just fantastic people. Truly some of the most generous and lovely people I’ve ever met!
​Gitte is likely to be the finest flute teacher to have ever graced the earth. No one could be more caring, supportive and (last but by no means least) informative! She has a supernatural ability to ‘diagnose’ even the most bizarre flutey issues, even if to others the symptoms seem to have very little relation to what is actually the cause!
​Goran is a flute player of uncommon musicianship and skill and (like Gitte) guides players of all abilities with the kindest heart and belief.
​Katherine is simply sensational. A performer who captures the drama and beauty of music unlike anyone I’ve ever heard before. She is also a living testimony to Gitte’s unprecedented teaching.
​In addition to INCREDIBLE lessons, workshops, warm-ups, concerts and classes etc the fun everyone has is just phenomenal, especially when the most delicious food to have ever been made seems to be constantly presented!
​The course was truly a journey during which everyone learnt from each other, inspired at every turn. I don’t exaggerate by saying that Nordic Flute was life changing and that I wouldn’t be the flute player I am today, or hope to be, without it. I cannot wait for the next one.